QMB Solutions has products for a wide range of your needs. Please click on an icon above for a description of each product.

  • QMB AppointRemind – Send e-mails or text messages to patients based on the appointment schedule (for Lytec and Medisoft)
  • QMB ClaimsPrep – Create electronic claims (837P format) from Lytec and Medisoft
  • QMB MasterScan – Document management tied to your Practice Management System (Lytec, Medisoft, PMX3, etc.)
  • QMB ReportGen – Special reports from Lytec
  • QMB StatementGen – Custom patient statements from Lytec
  • QMB SuperBillCapture – Create Super Bills electronically in Lytec
  • QMB WorkersComp – Manage and create paper and electronic claims for Workers' Compensation from Lytec and Medisoft
  • QMB NoFault – Manage and create electronic and paper claims for No-Fault from Lytec and Medisoft
  • QMB XferHL7 – Create patient and appointment HL7 records for transfer from Lytec to your EHR

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